My Ideas

Voice to Skull:

This was first noticed by radar technicians. I think radar is being used in some form for V2K. If they can make stealth air-planes that do not get picked up by radar or radar absorbent material, then V2K can be blocked by the same material. Angles are important just like stealth planes.

This is my theory of how to prove you are a victim of V2K. Use the following technology to convert your thoughts to speech. My guess when you are getting assaulted with V2K, it translates to thought. This technology can convert thought into speech.…

Faradays Cage:

I built a Faradays Cage with aluminium and shielding paints. It is partially working to stop the attack on me. I think they are using ELF or scalar waves which are hard to block and magnetic technology.

I built a new faraday’s cage made up 1/8 steel sheets. It is also partially working to fully stop the attack on me. It is working to to block cell phone and wifi signals. The cage is fully sealed. I think they cannot read my brain waves but can still attack me. I plan on adding Magnetic shielding foil Mu Metal all over, plus radar absorbent material (If I can find some), copper foil, microwave absorbent material, and velostat. I think this will strengthen it. I also plan on painting it with magnetic paint.


You can use a 250 gallon propane tank that can be used as a Faraday’s cage.

Neon Lights/Fluorescent Lights cause radio interference, they can help jam radio waves.

Use RAM (Radar Absorbent Material) inside of your Faraday’s cage.

Go inside a anechoic chamber which is a room designed to completely absorb reflections of either sound or electromagnetic waves

Cover your Faraday’s cage with MU-Metal foil. 5 layer,  5 mm thick MU-Metal foil can reduce with effect of the Earth’s magnet field inside by a factor of 1500

The Earth’s ionosphere atmosphere reflects and absorbs radio waves. Determine what causes this and see if it can be used to block radio frequency’s for mind control

Conductive material is used. Can we use super conductive material for Faraday’s cage? I don’t know if this exists in a material form

Does grounding your Faraday’s cage work better?

Would static electricity cap (shield so you don’t get shocked) help block mind control signals? When I rub my head my perpetrator loses some of his connection to me.

Multi layers Faraday’s cage. Each layer separated by non conductive material.

A hat covered in copper foil and neodymium magnets added all over act to block mind control signals?

Would clay have any affect?

Adding velostat help block radio waves?

Adding microwave absorbent material help block radio waves?

Burying your Faraday’s cage into the Earth help?

Painting your Faraday’s cage with magnetic paint?

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