I have been a victim of mind control (trauma based mind control experiment) for all my life. 1 of my perpetrators told me what happened to me in 2011.  I ended up rejecting all their views on life and rejected any offers they made on financial gain based on crime. Since 2011, they been trying to steal my life away torturing me severely because I rejected their way of life. I moved out of the country in 2012. They followed me but the torture wasn’t as bad, it was only 1 or 2 of them at any point in time when I was out of the country. I moved back in 2014. They started severely assaulting me since then. They started to severely torture me in 2014 on revenge because I moved overseas. In 2014 they brought many people into my life and non stop severely torture and assault me. They are EEG Cloning me with a mindless person or a AI computer that is completely useless.  Since 2014 every minute they try to take away every choice I make (Even the most basic of choices), they try to move my body (Ghost walk me. Their term for making a person get up and walk and do something without them knowing), they force speech me non stop. When I start to talk, they try to talk at the same time making it extremely difficult to talk. They jam my brain when I am talking. They jam my memory and try to make the mindless person think he is my brain by sublimely giving me thoughts (My thoughts regurgitated back at me). They tortured my legs and back that I couldn’t walk properly for 8 months. They make me go to the washroom at the same time every morning and same time every day. They press a button on their computer which sends a frequency to me which causes me to go to the washroom. It’s almost like their AI computer is programmed to do this to me. Read my blog for more information: